Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alien event

second week into MapleStory since the server check, rumor has it that enhancement hacks still aren't patched and that enhanced weapons arent deleted, nerfed or even dealt with, ill be sure to check on my weapon later and post to see if its still equipable and still starred.

But this still hasnt stopped the aliens who have overrun the Servers, these aliens are good for stopping BP hackers or at least lowering their leveling and gain, but also affects legitimate players trying to level at ToT, guess we're all stuck at skeles in the mean time guys

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Enhancement hacking over?

Over since a patch ago Hackers (and forum leechers) have used methods of having an item dropped or in trade while scrolling to prevent their item from blowing up, there have been screen shots of 25x cravens, and a 5xx attack stonetooth sword, there have even been inflation in int scrolls to safely 30% a item for cheap profit, today is the big day, the server check, there have been rumors of a rollback, rumors of star deletion, or rumors of preventing to equip the hacked items, no one knows for sure